23rd November 2019

Work safer, Use a cordless polishing machine

Greetings, Recently, we came along the blog post of NFPA about electrical safety when being around water, which inspired us to write today's post about…
9th November 2019

iShine treatment helping to boost MY Tranquility’s sales price

Dear friends, A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine forwarded me this link...what a surprise!!! Hereby, I would like to share said nice…
13th October 2019

Being in close contact with clients

Last week, we've been polishing the waterline of the SY Saudade in STP Mallorca and the Crew of SY Athos next to us was watching…
23rd September 2019

SY Pink Gin Confirms Fusion Finish Concept

As you can maybe imagine, it has not been an easy task to present the idea of protecting a super yacht's brand new paint job…