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11th February 2021


Hello again, comrades! So our on our last blog post we shared a little bit about how our Fusion Finish treatment was shining, literally, on…
iShine Fusion Finish logo Blog
1st October 2020

iShine Fusion Finish

  Prolonging your yacht's paint lifespan for longer. Set cost every year. Paint problem-free. Ceramic coating problem-free. Reaching the standard.   For the past few…
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10th August 2020

The iShine Team vs Covid 19

What does one do when facing a global pandemia? Facing a situation totally unclear for everybody and that came so unexpectedly? We decided that, in…
The iCeramic Fusion Blog
1st March 2020

The iCeramic Fusion

With this post we make a statement in being the first protectective coating company who has designed a new and unique way in applying our…