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A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine forwarded me this link…what a surprise!!! Hereby, I would like to share said nice little surprise with you.

As some of you might now, iShine went to Singapore to realize the tremendous big scale project of restoring and sealing, with our iShine iCeramic treatment, the paint of the famous motor yacht Tranquility back in May 2019.

Here comes the full story: First of all I would like to say, that it has been an absolute honor having been contracted for the project. Everything started when the iShine team flew to Langkawy Malaysia for first time in order to treat the yacht’s transom in January 2019. The aim of this first application was to demonstrate how our treatment stabilizes the failing blue paint job…Vini vidi vici within a week time the transom’s paint looked great and shiny again…thanks to our techniques and our amazing iShine iCeramic.

The first project-related post on our iShine Coatings Facebook page, goes back to the 18th January 2019: + results under going..

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5 months after having treated the yacht’s transom and the protective coating still being in great condition, the new owner, manager and captain decided to call us again to do the hull…:-)

In Singapore works in progress we keep you update..

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Once the works done on the hull, the management company was impressed by the results (2 weeks time for a 90m LOA hull) and decided to contract us as well for the superstructure to be treated in France!

MY TQ 90meters super structure done in Cannes … works in progress 👍

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Et Voila!

As a small side note: The captain in place mentioned to us that even though our final invoice was the cheapest expense the yacht had to face, in comparison to the other reforms being carried out on board, that our treatment made the biggest difference in terms of look and appearance. Moreover, he told us that maintenance had become so much easier since our treatment had been applied. It has been an honor for us to realize such project. We at iShine can travel the world to realize such projects and are glad to see that our treatment can help yachts owners in making greater benefits when it comes to selling the yacht.

Reference letter from MY EQUANIMITY, our diploma a new option into treating superficies and couching crew on board…for more info reach us at

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We hope you enjoyed the story and of course we keep you posted.

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