With this post we make a statement in being the first protectective coating company who has designed a new and unique way in applying our H7 ceramic coating, the iShine iCeramic.

The current application of ceramic coatings is often complicated, as ceramic coatings dry too quickly; especially during summer, on dark paints and in case of direct insolation. Furthermore, the thickness of  too hard of coating oftentimes  causes problems when it comes to repainting.

Ceramic coatings have earned themselves a bad reputation through out the last years, but here is the thing…if you want or not, ceramic coatings are the only real option to protect paint from black smokes; especially on exhaust areas and water lines.

At iShine our goal is to provide a service and a product line suitable for our clients, but, besides that, we absolutly focus on being in total harmony with our friends and partners, Yacht Painters.

The thicker the layers of  ceramic coating applied on a yacht’s paint, the harder it gets for yacht painters when it comes to repainting. Due to hard ceramic coatings, sometimes, yacht painters have to paint twice to achive the expected result. This tremendous waste is about to end as we have found a new and revolutionary way to apply ceramic.

So! What is this all about!?

The question of how it could be possible to apply through our treaments the absolut minimum amount of ceramic on yacht paint put forth in my mind for a while already.

The current application process in any treatment generally starts by a preparation process on agee finishes to restore lustre and deffects. Subsequently, it comes to the application of one and more sealants; better known as protective coatings.

An idea came to my mind….Would it be possible to have it all in only one step?

I had to set a work process suggestion doc to the team at the lab. First thing I got was a cool email back from the chemical enginneers saying that they never thought in such thing and were sooo excited about it!

We changed the structure of the iShine iCeramic to allow the oiles of the rubbing compound, iShine Optimum iTriple Cut, to bond with it.

So I received the samples and I started to blend a few drops of the iTriple Cut and a few drops of the iCeramic.

Due to the this new process and the increased potential of our iShine iCeramic, I realised that with only a tiny amount of product I could cover a tremendous amount of surface.

Moreover, our new application process is further simplified because from now on product residues can be wiped off with, firstly, a wet and, subsequently, a dry micro fiber.

The iShine iCermic bottle contains 50ml, which with our new technique allows you to cover 35m2.

So do you imagine a real and strong one step process concept…well we decided to call this invention the iCeramic Fusion.

It is now one year so far we are using this technique and we guarantee that this process works.

We did so far many annual services and reapplied the treatment just the same way as it has been done during the first application.

Our goal is to offer year lifespan ceramic treatments to our clients in terms to guarantee them no issue with painting.

We invite any painting company to adopt such treatments too.

To have a look at our demo video, please click here.