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Recently, we came along the blog post of NFPA about electrical safety when being around water, which inspired us to write today’s post about the advantage of a cordless polishing machine.

All seamen should be aware that working with a 110 or 220 volt powered machine close by the water can present the danger of electrocution and other serious risks.

As sea fellows, we are all champions in working barefoot all year long…it’s just much more practical 🙂

Working on deck with no shoes on and using an electrical powered tool is a risk, especially on previously cleaned decks which might still be wet. Touching steel and a rail at the same time can knock you out and of course same goes for walking in just a tiny bit of water while polishing.

Most of the polishing gear which yachtees keep on board and which are generally only used once or twice a year get deteriorated. Whether you want it or not, salt, humidity, dust….all those factors cause your expensive tools to suffer deterioration.

The main aspect I would like to talk about today is the task of polishing the yacht’s hull using rubbing compounds, wax , polymer, ceramic coatings etc…most yacht crew members have to face this task one day for the first time.

Any vessel is, in case of an electrical accident, equipped with an earthing electrode consisting of a conductive rod driven into the bottom of the hull .

While polishing the hull of a boat/yacht at berth, the biggest mistake often made is that crew members take the electricity from the yacht, instead of the dock’s electricity.

If your extension cable is plugged in on board, your body ends up being the ground line and that is a real risk of death.

At iShine we have tested through heavy work many cordless polishing machines, which could keep up long working hours (8 hours per day and more). We needed those machines to have a fast charging battery and an engine capable of handling heavy arm pressure; as this is required on the more damaged areas.

Especially when working on difficult to be accessed areas or on floating platforms, the iShine Orbital Cordless Maxi Polisher has become our best friend and it guarantees total safety.

You can buy our iShine Maxi Polisher at your closest ship chandler; as we are distributing them worldwide.

We wish you a shiny weekend!


the iShine Team!