iShine is perfect for reducing the maintenance of any surface and saves time and money.

iShine therapy

Use iShine No.1 For All Optimum iTriple Cut rubbing compound to restore colour to its original lustre, and finish with the two step protective coating process iShine No.4 Polymer Sealant and iShine no.5 Nanotechnology topcoat (for Acrylic paint), or with our iShine iCeramic Protective Coating (for Polyurethane paint) to give your paintwork a brand new protective finish and ultra hardwearing and long lasting shine.

iShine therapy bottles are available in 1.000ml size.


iShine rubbing compound
The iShine range Nº1, Nº2 & Nº3


• 3 x Faster

• Cost-saving & effective

• “1 for all” purpose

• Shinier finnish

N°1 Rubbing Compound

iShine Pad
Selection System

iShine Nº1 Optimum iTriple Cut

The high performance iShine n1 is a silicone-free
high/medium/soft rubbing compound depending
on the pad of choice.

The iShine Pad Selection Concept guarantees an
absolute simple handling and restoration at
manual or machine in only one process.

It’s enhanced with aluminium oxide microparticles
providing reliable and effective defect correction.
It’s the most versatile and unique compound in
the world extremely easy to work with and will
save you a tremendous amount of work.

1000ml covers 200/300m2

iShine Protective Coating

iShine Nº4 Polymer Sealant & iShine Nº5 Nanotechnology Topcoat

Use the iShine No.1 rubbing compounds to restore colours to its original lustre, and finish with the 2 step protective coating process (No4 Polymer
Sealant, then No5 Nanotechnology Topcoat) to give your paintwork a brand new protective finish and ultra hardwearing and long lasting shine.

1000ml covers 40/50m2

iShine iCeramic

iShine iCeramic

  • Especially formulated por polyurethane paint.
  • Excellent resistance on any coating
  • The softest and durable coating
  • Easiest to apply and to remove
  • No adverse colouring effect
  • Hand application for detailing areas
  • Machine application for large areas
  • Blends easily between new and aged treated areas
  • Enhanced aspect on new paint at its initial application
  • Improves deep colour aspect on aged and dull finishes
  • Strong UV protection

1 bottle = 50ml: Covers aprox. 50/60 m2

iShine SiO2

iShine SiO2

Permanent nano surface protection for glass and ceramic surfaces. Long and durable hydrophobic effect and easy clean performance.

iShine Boat Shampoo

iShine Shampoo

iShine Boat Shampoo is based on the newest technology and is specifically designed for daily yacht & boat care. It’s pH-neutral formula is suitable for all paint types, gel coats, metals, varnished and wooden surfaces. Polymer protection leaves a water repellent surface and a long lasting gloss &

iShine iFlash


Specially designed to maintain acrylic paint & gel coat. Cleans, protects and actively repels dirt in an instant suitable for any surface.


Polyurethane paints (e.g. Awlgrip)

iShine iCeramic Protective Treatment

For Polyurethane paint

Our iShine iCeramic treatment offers a durable and strong protection.
It is the easiest ceramic product to remove available on the market today.
It can be applied in both old and new paint jobs, making it the ideal ceramic for in between paint jobs.

• Soft and Durable
• Easy and fast application
• The easiest to remove
• Easy cleaning maintenance
• Scratch resistant
• Strong UV Protection
• Hydrophobic effect

iShine Products

NEW iCeramic application technique

2 steps in 1 process combination of preparation and protection in one go, using the iShine n1 Optimum iTriple Cut rubbing compound with the iShine iCeramic on one same pad.

After much research, development and testing, we have elaborated two unique products that can be used to apply together, cutting time and effort reaching the same and even better result than following the usual application process.

Check out the video below for how to apply.

Acrylic paints & Gel Coat (e.g. Alexseal)

iShine Classic Treatment

For acrylic paint & gelcoat

Our classic treatment, famous for several years, is easy, practical and effective. It’s made up of the iShine product line with our polymer and
nanotechnology water based product. It’s ideal for small projects and offers a cost effective treatment solution for any yacht’s finish. It
usually requires a more frequent application than our iCeramic treatment but it still provides the yacht with a high quality, protective

Used in combination with the iCeramic treatment, it’s the perfect choice for protecting the worst and most exposed areas on a boat, and will save you money on the easier areas.

iShine Products


iShine Products
iShine Products