What does one do when facing a global pandemia? Facing a situation totally unclear for everybody and that came so unexpectedly?

We decided that, in our point of view, it is the duty of every single one of us to help providing a little bit of stability, a little bit of hope and a great portion of solidarity. Hope and the wish to find a solution, is what encouraged us to start developing our own anti-COVID disinfectant.

Thanks to the large stock of ethanol (normally used for the production of our SiO2 Glass) and the drive of our laboratory, quite quickly we were able to produce a disinfectant in compliance with WHO recommendations.

It has been a very special experience as the launch of our disinfectant has been completely focused on the needs of our clients and on adopting to this new situation we were all in so suddenly. Our goal has been to offer a strong and very efficient product; in accordance with the high quality continuously being provided by our iShine product line for years. We decided on accompanying the bottle of our disinfectant with a very special, high quality spray head, which creates a large cloud of product when spraying; simultaneously,  spending only a very little quantity of product. Where the solution goes all bacteria are destroyed . As to also allow for a proper use on hands, we did add Glycerin…

Ethanol is the primary group of alcohol and is used as an antiseptic since the ninth century. Its isolation as a relatively pure compound was first achieved by Persian alchemists.

Anicla Distribuciones played an important role in the launch of the iShine disinfectant and has so far sold great quantities it. We all have to be actors in special times like this. Thanks to your confidence and trust we could create such product, thank you all!

Kindest regards and stay safe,


The iShine team ;D