Last week, we’ve been polishing the waterline of the SY Saudade in STP Mallorca and the Crew of SY Athos next to us was watching and observing how fast we were completing our work and how great and shiny looked the areas treated by the iShine iCeramic.

On day 2, during our coffee break on the hard next the our scissor lift, a long time friend Victor Granados came over to us for a quick chat … and asking for few tips …

In the end it turns out that last year a ceramic coating has been applied on SY Athos…the yacht has been treated with a ceramic which is characterised by a very high number of microns… the type of coating which painters love as they will charge you 30% more for extra preparation on your next paint job as such treatments are so hard to remove….anyway

The decky started polishing with a huge whool pad and some drops of rubbing compound leaving swirl marks everywhere…

We showed Victor and Vicent how to work with our new one-step iShine iCeramic system.

When we first told them about our new technique they were, understandably, a bit sceptic, but as soon as they saw the result they ran to the next Pinmar ship chandler to get the iShine Number 1 iTriple Cut and a few bottles of iShine iCeramic.

Our goal and our vision are simple, establishing a standard to avoid wrong treatments to be applied to yachts. At iShine we train yacht crews and yacht painters to understand the characteristics and use of protective coatings. We offer the most unexpensive solution and access to really easy application systems; supported by our own product line.

Sharing is caring but money is money…contracting a service like the application of a potective coating is not cheap, due to men hours, insurances etc. Therefore, choosing the right treatment for your paint is of outmost importance…. We aim at working in complete harmony with yacht painters, paint manufacturers, yachts crews, ship yards and, of course, yacht owners.

I hope you enjoyed the story and thank you for your interest!