Hello again, comrades!

So our on our last blog post we shared a little bit about how our iShine Fusion Finish treatment was shining, literally, on MY PARAISO. Since then, we have been working very hard continuing the same work on board MY GLOBAS, MY MOKA and SY Pink Gin, amongst others, and the results have been fantastic! 

However, we wanted to pay attention this time to a special edition OnBOARD magazine published a couple of weeks ago focusing on the Top Coat industry. In fact, we were actually contacted by OnBOARD itself as they had heard the word iShine Fusion Finish being spread around the industry and so they wanted to know more about what it was all about. Well, lo and behold, it only took a phone call and a vimeo share for professional writer Adam Finder to straight away understand what we are fighting for!

And so we won’t bore you with our words, but instead we invite you all to take a few minutes of your time to sit down and let Adam’s words sail you away! Click here to read the article. 


Until next time!  I leave you with some photos of the recent boats we’ve been playing with.

Photos taken from crew in Antigua. This is how MY GLOBAS looks after sailing from Palma de Mallorca – Viareggio – Plymouth – Antigua English Harbour.

iShine Fusion Finish treatment done on Waterline, Exhaust aras and transom.


SY Pink Gin – 3rd Year in a row applying the iShine iCeramic Fusion Finish Treatment on transom and waterline. 


With love,