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About us


Knowledge, expertise, professionalism, efficiency and reliability.


iShine Warehouse

Welcome to the iShine warehouse, where we store our high-quality marine detailing and polishing products. Our dedicated team works hard to ensure that all of our products are ready to ship to our customers worldwide.

From our premium rubbing compounds to our state-of-the-art random orbital polisher, we are committed to providing top-quality products that help yacht owners and detailing professionals achieve the perfect finish on their vessels.
Take a glimpse of our warehouse and see the commitment and care we put into each and every one of our products.

About iShine

iShine Coatings is a worldwide leading company in the yacht paint protective coating industry.

We specialise in polishing all type of painted surfaces, in protective ceramic coatings, and in the yacht care, cleaning and maintenance.

We have over 15 years of experience in protective coatings, making us one of the most advanced expert consultants in the field by providing professional advice for all kind of requests.

After several years of experience in the paint polishing service and protective coating application service field on yachts, 10 years ago we created our own and original iShine product, which is currently distributed to professional retailers worldwide.

The iShine brand is synonym of knowledge, expertise, professionalism, efficiency and reliability.

But our leading presence is not only based in the importance of protecting paint coatings with the best product quality; our second main focus is in protecting the environment we all live in. We are specially engaged in the reduction of CO2 gas emissions with the use of protective coatings for paints to last for longer, saving costs on goods and in maintenance. We provide reliable, ecological & economic solutions for professionals in our sector.

iShine is always open and interested in finding new partners and retail partners, distributors and collaborators, and open to new centres worldwide.

More than 20 years Experience


iShine is perfect for reducing the maintenance of any surface and saves time and money.








Coating system:
Alexseal Premium Topcoat 501, protected with various iShine products.

Summary of results:
In the test all samples remained stable for the first 1500 hours of artificial weathering. After that the gloss started to drop and the color started to change. There are only slight differences between protected and unprotected topcoat surfaces. Summary of results: Some products improve the color stability slightly. iShine No 4 (Polymer Sealant) + iShine No. 5 (Nano Topcoat) show slightly improved gloss stability, especially on dark blue Topcoat. Other products such as 3 coats of Ceramic Coating maintain the Topcoat in the same condition, showing no negative effect.