iShine Fusion Finish

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Prolonging your yacht’s paint lifespan for longer.

Set cost every year.

Paint problem-free.

Ceramic coating problem-free.

Reaching the standard.


For the past few years the ceramic coating industry has boomed. Everyone is talking about it making it the ultimate protection for any paint.

It’s marketed by companies as an ultra long lasting coating, some offering warranties for 3 years and even 5 years. Nevertheless, there is a problem that comes with this that many are not fully aware which is the removal problem that comes when the time comes in having to remove these long lasting ceramic coatings.

The longevity of a coating is linked to the number of microns the ceramic has (i.e. how thick it is). The ticker it is, the harder it is to be removed. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have a ceramic coating that lasts ages, but what happens when there is a problem with the paint or when the coating starts cracking and there is no budget for another repaint? Or the exhaust fumes get stuck to those cracked areas and you get black patches? See below.



Images taken of motor super-yacht applied by a competitor company using a 7 to 10 micron ceramic coating thickness Black patches now hard to get off have penetrated the paint where the ceramic coating has cracked. These images were taken on the 30th September 2020 in STP Palma.


After several years of using hard ceramic coatings and bumping into clients complaining about these problems, we spoke to our laboratories and produced a new ceramic formula, a thiner and easier to remove one. The longevity lasts between 12 to 18 months, and it’s especially designed to be applied after a brand new paint job and to keep a continuity every year until a next re-paint is due.


Forget about having different ceramic coatings applied by different companies damaging your yacht’s paint coating.

More yachts are joining the new standard of ceramic coating and paint longevity. It’s the new revolution! We are now collaborating with paint companies where they paint and apply our ceramic coating straight after. MY Paraiso was one of our ever first clients and 3 years later look how it’s looking.



Motor yacht Paraiso. Application made in December 2018. These photos were taken on the 22nd of September 2020 – protective coating untouched since 2018.