As you can maybe imagine, it has not been an easy task to present the idea of protecting a super yacht’s brand new paint job right from start with a ultra thin ceramic protective coating to our clients…..many companies, with different products and concepts, are on the market but thanks to the hard work of years we have achieved respect and trust in the industry!!

Protecting a paint job right from the start promises…yacht painters the access to a new source of revenue …being  in close and regular contact with clients…making paint jobs last for longer… superficies that are easier to clean than ever…painters painting more efficiently and being in control of the paint’s condition when it comes to repaint and stop non desired effects during normal painting process…reduction of Co2 gas emissions…THIS IS THE FUSION FINISH created by iShine.

It is key for us to perform our Fusion Finish concept under the trust of such an iconic yacht like SY Pink Gin. Having applied our iCeramic treatment on the yacht’s exhaust area and transom last year, it looked like new when STP’s travel lift hauled it out of the water this week. This is pure evidence that the Fusion Finish concept works and that it should become a standard in the industry.

The crew and owner being very satisfied with the treatment’s result, we are this week working on the 1st annual treatment of the iShine iCeramic treatment.

Greta Thunberg has been a great source of motivation for us in regards to the reduction of CO2 gas emission…you are never to small to make a difference! Let’s join the movement by means of the Fusion Finish concept!!