Rubbing Compound 1 For All Optimum iTriple Cut nº 1 – 1.000ml


Price per unit

Boxes can contain maximum 8 units per box.

1000ml covers 200/300m2

The high performance iShine n1 is a silicone-free rubbing compound can be a high or soft abrasive compound depending on the pad of choice. With the iShine Pad Selection Concept (iShine Orange Foam Pad Heavy; iShine White Pad Medium; iShine Black Foam Pad Ultra-Soft), it guarantees an absolute simple handling and restoration at manual or machine in only one process. It’s enhanced with aluminium oxide microparticles providing reliable and effective defect correction. It’s the most versatile and unique compound in the world extremely easy to work with and will save you a tremendous amount of work.


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Weight 1.4 kg