iTherapy Kit

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Discover the ultimate in yacht surface therapy with the iTherapy Kit from iShine. Carefully curated and crafted, this comprehensive kit brings together the transformative power of iShine’s top-quality products, featuring the iconic iShine N°1, N°2, N°3, N°4, and N°5 formulations.


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Unleash the potential to restore, protect, and elevate your yacht’s surfaces to unparalleled brilliance and lasting perfection. Each product in this expertly designed kit is precision-formulated to address specific surface needs, offering a seamless system for an immaculate treatment experience.

The iShine N°1 serves as the foundation, meticulously designed for the gentle yet effective cleansing of surfaces. It primes the area for the application of the iShine N°2, which focuses on nourishing and prepping the surface for the next steps in the treatment process.

With iShine N°3, experience a rejuvenating phase, harnessing its power to revitalize and enrich the surface. Followed by iShine N°4, renowned for its protective qualities, forming an enduring shield against environmental elements and wear.

Concluding the therapeutic journey is iShine N°5, the ultimate touch, ensuring a lustrous, deep gloss finish, leaving the surfaces with an irresistible, long-lasting shine.

Elevate your yacht care routine with the iTherapy Kit and witness the brilliance of iShine’s exclusive line of products. Immerse your surfaces in the luxury of specialized care and unveil a world of rejuvenated, protected, and radiant yacht surfaces.