Polisher Starter Kit

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Introducing the Polisher Starter Kit from iShine, your gateway to professional-grade polishing excellence. This comprehensive kit is specifically designed for those embarking on the journey of perfecting yacht surfaces. Comprising the expertly crafted iShine i21 Random Orbital Machine, iShine N°1 Rubbing Compound, and the iShine Purple Wool Pad, this kit offers the essential tools for achieving superior polishing outcomes.


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The cornerstone of this kit, the iShine i21 Random Orbital Machine, is a game-changer. Engineered for precision and power, it embodies efficiency, facilitating smooth and controlled polishing movements. Paired with the iShine N°1 Rubbing Compound, it forms a dynamic duo that erases imperfections and blemishes, restoring surfaces to their original glory. The N°1 Compound works diligently to remove surface defects, ensuring a pristine base for further treatment.

Enhancing the kit is the iShine Purple Wool Pad, specially crafted to work in harmony with the i21 machine and the N°1 Compound. This pad offers an ideal texture and structure for polishing, ensuring a refined finish and imparting a flawless shine.

The Polisher Starter Kit is an indispensable asset for beginners and enthusiasts seeking professional-grade results in yacht surface care. Explore the world of flawless polishing with this intelligently assembled kit and witness the transformative power of iShine’s quality tools on your yacht’s surfaces.