Which iShine Rubbing Compound (nº1 / nº2 /nº3) do I need?

It depends on the condition the paint / gelcoat of the boat is in. The iShine nº1 is the best product in terms of adaptability. If you’re not sure, you can try using the iShine nº1 using the different pads. What is great about the nº1 is that is not as abrasive as other heavy rubbing compounds – thanks to the oils it enhances and a lot more the shine of the paint and does not damage the paint as much as.

The iShine nº2 is your “go-to” as it works wonders for when a boat needs a good polish, and the nº3 is a finesse cut that works very well with the iShine nº2.

Can I apply the iShine nº5 Nanotechnology Topcoat on it’s own?

You can, however the treatment won’t last as long as once the nano topcoat fades you won’t have a polymer coating sealed on the surface which means it won’t be protected any longer. This is why we recommend the iShine No.4 Polymer Sealant to be applied prior to the iShine nº5 Nano Topcoat.

I don’t know which iShine treatment to use… Should I treat my boat with the iShine Classic treatment nº4 Polymer Sealant & iShine nº5 Nanotechnology Topcoat, or with iShine iCeramic?

Which treatment you should apply depends entirely on the type of paint and if it’s gelcoat. The technical theory we recommend, as professionals in this field, is the following:


iShine Classic Treatment (nº1 or nº2; nº4 & nº5):

  • If it’s gelcoat or acrylic paint (Alexseal or awlcraft), this treatment works very well and is especially adapted for those type of finishes.
  • If you’re looking for a quick and economical fix for the season to bring back the colour and shine.


iShine iCeramic Treatment (nº1 or nº2; iC):

  • If it’s polyurethane paint (Awlgrip).
  • If you are after a lasting protection for 1,5 years.


NOTE: If the paint or gelcoat is in very bad condition, you can even do the normal process of the iShine Classic Treatment to bring back the colour lustre and shine, and then apply on top the iShine iCeramic for extra longevity.

Can I apply the iShine iCeramic on gelcoat?

Yes, you can apply the iShine iCeramic on top of gelcoat for extra protection. Because our ceramic iShine iCeramic 3 micron thickness is an organic polymer coating, it binds not-dissimilar to a polymer sealant so they both blend well together.

You first apply the iShine nº4 Polymer Sealant like usual, you let it seal and you apply straight after the iShine iCeramic coating.

How do I apply the iShine iCeramic?

Check out this video on how to apply the iShine iCeramic Coating : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxOAynIzufU

How many bottles do I need for a boat of “x” amount of m²?

Head over to our Products category on our website and clic on the Table to download where you will find the COVERAGE of each product with their corresponding m².


Which tools do I need to apply the iCeramic?

If you are applying the iShine iCeramic by hand, you only need two clean & dry microfibres; one to apply the product on and the other one to clean it off.

If you are applying the iShine iCeramic by machine, we recommend you use a cordless polishing machine (like our iShine Maxi Cordless Polishing machine powered by battery). You apply a few drops on a soft pad at low revolution. You should cover “y” x “z” amount of m2 each time to avoid the ceramic to dry off.

Can I apply the iShine iCeramic by machine?

Yes, you can. We recommend you use a cordless polishing machine, like our iShine Maxi Cordless Machine, at low revolution (to avoid the ceramic to splash out), using a soft pad.

Can I mix an iShine nº1 / nº2 /nº3 with the iShine nº4 Polymer Sealant? And with the iShine nº5 Polymer Sealant?

Yes! You can indeed. It’s a great way to use 2 products in 1 process. For example, you can mix the iShine nº2 rubbing compound Medium cut with the iShine nº4 Polymer Sealant on one same pad (medium or soft preferably). We recommend to apply the iShine nº5 separately.


Do you ship outside Europe?

Yes. We ship our products worldwide. Requests from remote countries will need to be studied by our logistics department.


Can you travel to apply an iShine treatment where my boat is moored?

Yes. We travel around the world to provide our services wherever you are; we usually add an extra cost for travel expenses and accommodation.


Do you train to be a professional iShine applicator?

Yes. We provide iShine training for those who are either professionals or beginners who want to become iShine professionals.


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