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When you're sending your yacht on a trip with Sevenstar yacht transport, you need to think about how to care for her and protect her from the elements on the journey...

iShine have developed a system that not only cares for your yacht, it actively improves the condition of the finish and leaves your yacht looking better than when she left.

What's more, it typically costs around 10% of the price of conventional shrinkwrapping!

iShine N°4 Protective Coating


Using a sponge, spread a liberal coating of iShine No4 Polymer Sealant onto all exposed hard surfaces (stainless steel, paintwork, varnish, gelcoat, glass, etc), leave a creamy coating 2/3 mm thick.


Leave the coating to dry and harden.

iShine No4 Polymer Sealant forms a protective coating that keeps out the harsh elements: salt, dirt, soot and rain.

At the same time the coating allows the polymers to form a strong protective bond with the surface.


Before the yacht is due to be off loaded, the coating can be simply washed off using a brush, a hose and iShine Boat Shampoo, which helps re-activate the polymers of the iShine No4 Polymer Sealant.

The surface can then be treated with iShine No5 Protective Coating Nanotechnology Topcoat.

The nano-particles chemically bond with the polymer particles of the sealant and with polishing, create a hi-lustre, hardwearing and long lasting shine.

iShine N°5 Protective Coating


Wipe on and polish off on all types of hard surfaces, by hand with a microfibre cloth or using a power polishing machine (set to slow speed only).


iShine therapy

Use iShine No.1 1 For All Optimum iTriple Cut rubbing compound to restore colour to its original lustre, and finish with the two step protective coating process iShine No.4 Polymer Sealant and iShine no.5 Nanotechnology topcoat (for Acrylic paint), or with our iShine iCeramic Protective Coating (for Polyurethane paint) to give your paintwork a brand new protective finish and ultra hardwearing and long lasting shine.

iShine therapy bottles are available in 1.000ml size.

iShine Protective Coating
boat shampoo

iShine Shampoo

iShine Boat Shampoo is based on the newest technology and is specifically designed for daily yacht & boat care. It’s pH-neutral formula is suitable for all paint types, gel coats, metals, varnished and wooden surfaces. Polymer protection leaves a water repellent surface and a long lasting gloss & shine.

iShine SiO2

Permanent nano surface protection for glass and ceramic surfaces. Long and durable hydrophobic effect and easy clean performance.

Sio2 iShine
iShine pads

iShine Pads & Tools

iShine Foam Pad 165mm / 135mm / 80mm heavy orange + medium white + soft black

iShine Back Up Pad 150mm / 125mm / 78mm