iShine® professional training

For crew members on yachts & professional paint applicators in the protective coating treatments

iShine Training

Having had 15 years of experience in the protective coating industry and having established a reliable product sold worldwide, iShine® is offering crew members qualifiedtraining in the protective coating treatment of a yacht’s paint.

Rather than hiring a company to do the job, the yacht can invest in having the crew trained inthe paint restoration and protective coating applications thereby saving time and money.

The crew can learn and/or enhance their technical knowledge and skills through iShine’straining and certification programs.

At the end of the training program, the crew will obtain an official iShine® “Certificate Training” Diploma.

What does the training include?

> Why and what we polish and protect
> Protective coating technology theory
> Surface prepration
> Technical coating application techniques
> Practical training in the application and
> iShine product range explanatory

Our aim with this is to provide self-confidence to the crew and a future broader experience in how to treat and maintain any surface from gelcoat to paint,, including glass, removing suncream marks, metal polishing, cleaning techniques and tips.

Ordering product in direct or from our retail partners ensures that we come where ever you are offering our training services.

What does iShine® offer?

> Worldwide training “in-situ”
> Machines & iShine products
> iShine® Training Certificate Diploma in the protective coating application


I recently used Ishine whilst alongside in Langkawi, Malaysia. Having known Ben for some years I knew he would be open to a challenge – that challenge was to polish up a blue hull that had not been painted for several years and had literally gone from the freezing waters of Greenland to being baked in SE Asia – enough to take its’ toll on any paint job. Ideally I would have re-painted the hull however as the Yacht was up for sale that option was not on the table. With limited resources available to me including a strict budget and time line I asked Ben to supply some of his products and to come over and train my deck crew on how to polish for 5 days.

As always Ben was super enthusiastic and set about the task with enviable vigour. The polishing make a huge difference and the crew clearly enjoyed learning a new skill – definitely more to it than most of us thought. During his time on board we managed to complete large sections of the transom and aft areas of a 91 metre hull but since he departure the crew have been able to continue polishing and transforming the hull. Ben is undoubtedly an expert in his field, his effort and energy transmit through the crew and his persistence and work ethic were greatly appreciated by the crew. I would strongly recommend both the product and Bens’ services as a trainer – money well spent at a fraction of the cost of a repaint.

Michael CarCaptain MY Equanimity