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The iShine® therapy system adapts to your project. Use any combination of iShine® rubbing compounds (N° 1, N° 2 or N° 3) to restore colour to it’s original lustre, and finish with the 2 step protective coating process (N° 4 Polymer Sealant, then N° 5 Nanotechnology Topcoat) to give your paintwork a brand new protective finish and ultra hardwearing and long lasting shine. iShine therapy products are available in 200ml, 500ml and 1,000ml bottles.

Rubbing Compounds

iShine No. 1 Rubbing Compound Heavy Damage

The toughest compound from iShine.

  • Designed for damaged, strongly scratched and dulled paint or gel coat finishes

iShine No.2 Rubbing Compound Medium

The most versatile compound within the iShine range.

  • Restores all types of paint and gel coat
  • Highly recommended for semi-old and lightly scratched surfaces

No.3 Rubbing Compound Finesse

Due to its highly complex slip agents, No.3 compound revitalizes deep colour in paints and gel coats to achieve a wet look shine before applying the protective coating.

  • Excellent on new and almost new surfaces
  • Erases swirl marks after heavy or medium cutting process
  • Apply only on low revolution

Protective Coatings

iShine No.4 Protective Polymer Coating Sealant

Dynamic multi-purpose Polymer Sealant preserves surfaces against contamination, environmental elements and oxidation.

  • For use on all paints and gel coats
  • Designed to restore the pigmentation (on a molecular level) and for erasing swirl marks within the surface
  • Excellent to restore stainless steel & precious metals, glass & windows, varnishes, tenders, tyres and fenders

iShine No.5 Protective Coating Nanotechnology Topcoat

Nanotechnology topcoat generates a singular UV-protection and a high gloss and durable finish.

  • Ensures excellent preservation using fines protective agents (nano particles)
  • To be applied on the previous iShine No.4 Polymer Sealant to achieve a brilliant, long lasting finish
  • Sheds water and dirt – reducing maintenance time and costs by up to 60%

iFlash Long lasting Finish

An ultra-fast clean and shine for any surface. Cleans, protects and actively repels dirt in an instant.

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