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Pure Water System (P.W.S.) cleaning for yachts and buildings

Our treatment begins with the extraction of any chemical residues or impurities that become trapped on the glass or painted surfaces.

We effectively eliminate the porosity, effects caused by salt water and UV ray oxidation, by preparing the areas with a very fine abrasive polish which we use as a surface preparation treatment, this process achieves a highly prepared, extra smooth surface which will help to enhance the paint’s brilliance and give adherence to the after treatments.

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Small, lightweight and economical … but with a professional performance

Two versions:
Bottle with granulate 12.5 kg
Bottle with granulate 25 Kg


  • 100% pure water, free from all impurities and dry residue.
  • Consequently, 100% clean surfaces free of marks or residues without to dry.
  • Keep better clean surfaces and their treatments.

The system consists of:

Bottle with granulate 12.5 or 25 kg.

  • For its small size it can be installed anywhere on the boat fixed form. You only need close a water inlet with a minimum pressure of 3.2 bar.

Single hose length 25 m

  • Thanks to this hose, you can get pure water to anywhere in the boat.
  • It has a small tap to cut water supplies without having to travel to the bottle.

Brush 27 cm and pole

  • Mounted on a swing joint which facilitates positioning on the horizontal brush.
  • It has 5 injectors for spraying pure water according to the specific needs of each area.
  • The brush is attached to a pole of 78 cm, which allows to reach most of the areas to be cleaned. If necessary, the length of the pole can be extended.

Better than clean: ISHINE

The power of pure water.

All iShine systems work with the proven water processing technology PURA iShine. Here, normal tap water is conducted through granulate (mixed bed resin) and demineralized completely in the mobile PURA iShine stations. This „pure“ water cleans not only faster but even more thoroughly as it connects with the dirt particles on the surface, runs of immediately and dries itself. Without leaving marks or streaks. Cleaned with iShine systems, the surfaces stay clean longer and repel the dirt more efficiently. In addition, a cleaning with “pure” water is ecologically safe as no chemistry is used.

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