The iShine team combines unrivalled expertise across new paint jobs and protective coatings application starting from new or ceramic treatment or classic treatments of polymer nanotechnology.


iShine Services are supporting yacht owners, captains and their yachts worldwide, with many leading yacht crews now relying on our expertise to maintain the quality and longevity of their yacht’s finish.

In partnership with courageous and innovating yacht painters, we have developed a system. “iShineCare” – is a fusion finish of a very advanced dual-system process that combines strong but soft paint protection straight on new paint job.

Just in one process and this reality outperform any other system of finishing, approved and strongly tested.

Standard year warranty from current paint companies is after a new paint job an open door to decline, we see almost new paint jobs fading after 2/3 years after initial application which involves tremendous amount of money spent for little results and crew struggling on maintenance and owners getting poor results compare what they pay for.

A lot can be improve.

10 years ago, you could still smoke cigarette in bars, 50years ago women could not vote…

Before you had to paint your yacht every 4 years now we make it last 10 years, we create jobs for maintenance in coatings, and we save gas emission.

iCeramic copia

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